Sicily - The Exotic Holiday Location

Sicily is one of the most exotic holiday locations in Italy. It remains popular throughout the year and is famous for its pleasant weather and mouth watering food and its' rich cultural heritage. People in Sicily enjoy a relaxed and slow lifestyle meaning that travelers to Sicily get the opportunity to benefit from a more relaxed break. There are wide ranges of Hotels in Sicily from 2 to 5 stars to accommodate visitors of all tastes. There are also good selections of Sicily Villas on offer across the region.

  1. Catania -Is one of the largest cities in Sicily and is situated on the East coast of this Mediterranean island. Due to its' location and the proximity to Etna Volcano, Catania has become very popular. Visiting the Market (including the famous fish market) in Catania is a fantastic way to taste the culture of Sicily. Access to the city is easy with the newly opened International Airport.
  2. Palermo is another city in Sicily worth visiting and is situated near to the coast. Palermo is famous for its Mafia connections and has a fantastic selection of restaurants to try.
  3. You can also enjoy a Sicily holiday in Taormina which is located on the east coast of the island. Taormina is an hour drive from Catania and is known as the Jewel of Sicily. From the cliff tops of Taormina, breathtaking views of the top of Etna Volcano. Taormina hosts an annual film festival and has a range of theatres for a cultured break. Taormina offers a wide range of Hotels and Villas for every kind of holiday.
  4. Siracusa is another well known city in Sicily. Further away from the trappings of the tourist trade, this city is a breath of fresh air and can be reached via an easy drive from Catania.
  5. The Aeolian Island offers scenic beauty and the opportunity to stay on a volcanic island.