Kealia Vacation Rentals: For The Perfect Exotic Holiday

Constantly being rated as one of the world's best tropical islands by the travel magazines, Kauai Island of Hawaii is blessed with some of the most awe-inspiring beaches in the Pacific Ocean. Covered in golden sands and surrounded by the forests and lush green gardens, Kauai offers more sun shine and sandy beaches than any other Hawaiian Island. Kealia is one such beach in Kauai and if you are planning a vacation at this exotic place, choosing among the various Kealia vacation rentals is your best bet for accommodation.

Kealia Vacation Rentals: The Beauty of Kealia

Kealia Beach is over 150 feet wide and 0.5 mile long, on the east shore of Kauai. The word 'Kealia' means 'salt bed', referring to the traditional Hawaiian practice of collecting salt from the sea. The place has been a site for salt mining for centuries. It is a long, immaculate beach that offers enjoyment to people of all ages, and from sunbathers to sport enthusiasts.

Kealia Vacation Rentals: Activities at Kealia Beach

Kealia is a place known for its bonfires, picnics, leisure activities, romantic walks and wave watching. However, it is not a beach for swimming, as there is no barrier to protect the beach from the swelling waves rising from the middle of the ocean. During times of high surfing in the winter and spring seasons, the conditions are dangerous due to strong waves and ferocious tides. The beach offers no lifeguards, so it is advisable to stay out of the water if you are not familiar with the Hawaiian waves.

Tips for Getting Cheap Kealia Vacation Rentals

While choosing among the Kealia vacation rentals, you consider some of the following points to get the best deal:

* Instead of making a booking through a travel agent, look for online advance booking directly with the resort. Almost every reputed resort has an online presence and you can get attractive discounts directly from them by specifying your preferences.

* It is a good idea to make a booking almost 3-4 months in advance. This way you will avoid the last hour rush and will also get the discounts offered by companies for making an early booking.

* You can choose between renting private homes, condos or hotels, keeping in mind your vacation needs and thus save money on unnecessary expenses.