Experience the Wonder of Queensland Travel

Queensland is regarded as being the top tourist destination in all of Australia. It has a host of tourist icons including the world famous Great Barrier Reef, the Surfers Paradise Gold Coast and a variety of world class zoos and theme parks. Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo, Sea World, Dreamworld and Movieworld are amongst the most popular of these. Add to these the renowned Australian landmarks such as Port Douglas, Cairns, Fraser Island, Noosa and Whitesunday's. Interested individuals will be able to find a variety of Queensland tours to accommodate the kind of trip they are looking for.

Must Visit Regions of Queensland

Along with all the above mentioned itineraries another intriguing aspect that attracts globetrotters to the region of Queensland are the multitude of islands that surround the region. These islands are home to some of the finest island resorts that you will be able to find anywhere in the world. Amongst the top notch Queensland resorts that you will have the opportunity to explore are Green Island, Bedarra Island, Dunk Island, Orpheus Island, Hayman Island, Hamilton Island, Brampton Island and Daydream Island. These are just a few names from amongst the collection of magnificent island hotels that Queensland has to offer.

Queensland holidays are not restricted to what has been mentioned above. Rather the areas in and around Queensland are surrounded by a host of holiday escape destinations which offer an exotic and intriguing experience to any adventure seeking tourist. Cape Tribulation and Daintree rainforest are two such destinations located in the north of Queensland. Adventure seekers can also take a trip to Airlie Beach on Whitesunday's which offers an excellent opportunity to engage in sailing activities by hiring bareboat charter. Nature lovers on the other hand will relish at the beautiful lakes and magnificent rainforests of Fraser Island. Similarly Hervey Bay offers a flabbergasting experience of whale watching on a guided tour across the Fraser Coast area. For those interested in engaging in shopping and dining experiences Noosa is definitely a must visit region of Queensland.

Best Queensland Accommodation Choices

There is no doubt about the fact that Queensland holidays are amongst the finest that you will get to experience anywhere in the world. When it comes to seeking accommodation during your trip the northern region of Cairns has some of the best resorts to offer. The capital city of Brisbane is another region where you will be able to find excellent Queensland accommodation. The strategic location of Brisbane places it smack in the center of Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. However hotels and resorts in this part of Queensland may be a tad bit more costly. On the other hand it has a variety of attractions close by including fine restaurants and shopping arcades as well as the opportunity to engage a multitude of other holiday activities.

Queensland is overloaded with sights to see and things to do for visitors. Hence it is advised that you take your time to plan your trip so that you can reap maximum benefits. You can opt to go for pre-made guided Queensland tours or have your travel agent create a customized package according to your preferences and budget limitations.

Don't Settle for the Usual, Make Your Next Vacation an 'Exotic Vacation'

Exotic Vacation

Sometimes, it's not a whole lot of fun being a grown up. It seems like there's an endless cycle of stress, responsibility and dare I say it, boredom, about life for many adults. Whatever happened to those golden days of youth, when every day seemed like an adventure, with new horizons to explore? Well, life doesn't have to be like being a mouse on an exercise wheel - if you take action now and book an exotic vacation. There's no point endlessly waiting for things to change; you need to book the tickets and get ready to go.

Find Your Ideal Exotic Vacation

Finding ideas for where to go on your exotic vacation has become much simpler with the arrival of the Internet. All you have to do is surf on the web for an hour or two, and you're sure to come across a bunch of exotic places you want to visit. If you've arrived at a travel site and see "Mauritius" listed as a destination? Click on it, and find out more.

Another great source of inspiration is your local travel agent's office. They usually have a rack of glossy color brochures for people to browse through, so you can simply go in and have look. Check out the photos on the brochure covers until you see something that looks interesting, and then find out more. You can also try looking at the ads in your favorite magazines. Or perhaps buy or borrow a travel magazine, to see what exotic vacations they highlight.

Your major daily newspaper will usually have a travel supplement once a week, so grab a copy and take a look. With 52 major stories needed every year, it's safe to say that at some point they will start to write about places that aren't on everybody's travel itinerary. So you can pick up ideas for an exotic vacation there. They also run lots of travel related ads, which can be useful both for getting destination ideas, and for finding companies that run tours to a place you want to go.

Picking the Best Deal

An exotic vacation can be anything you want it to be, which is what makes it so exciting. Nowadays there are so many options available, it's easy to find an exciting place to visit. Want to check out Transylvania on Halloween? There's sure to be a tour company that will take you there. Perhaps you'd rather just sit back and relax on a luxury cruise ship, with the occasional stop in port to check out another exotic place. Although you can choose to organize everything yourself as you go, sometimes it can be easier to book everything in advance, or travel with a tour company. That way you can focus on enjoying your vacation, rather than getting bogged down in the details of where you're going to stay the next night. You can often get better prices by bundling a number of things together, such as flights, car rental and accommodation.

Enjoying Your Exotic Vacation

Once you get started on planning your exotic vacation, you'll discover it's almost as much fun planning the vacation as it is to actually go! So don't put it off any longer; have a look around, find an exotic destination, and book your vacation now!

Free Cruising And Free Holiday Accommodation Is No Illusion

A most difficult issue for some travelers is the frustration of being constrained by a travel budget. The temptation is to throw all caution to the wind and just go anyway and pick up the pieces when it's all over. I've been there and done that but not anymore.

A couple of those experiences were enough for me and I then went on a mission of finding ways to take a quality family vacation at absolute minimal cost if such a concept was possible.

Grappling with vacation travel budgets and trying to make it all work on paper before actually getting out the door is hard work and when it's all finished you really are in need of a good vacation!

With the vast selection of holiday packages offered currently there is certain to be a holiday that fits comfortably with most people. But all must fit within available budgets.

From a low-cost budget weekend to the most expensive international holiday, the alternatives available are never-ending.

How many times when looking through the colorful travel brochures have we imagined ourselves pictured on the deck of that magnificent cruise liner somewhere in the Pacific or taking a coffee at a sidewalk cafe in Paris in springtime?

The question then is how does one go about achieving that style of vacation on limited funds and not have to take out a mortgage to do it. Well, after a lot of research I came up with some answers. Naturally it requires a little work, and it would be irresponsible not to say a little money, but nowhere near as much as you may at first think.

The more `investigating I did the more convinced I became that these new concepts would work but first it needed a firm commitment to the plan and a determination that this was going to work. That simply meant the ability to think outside the square regardless of obstacles and take on a pro-active attitude and 'do' something rather than just sit around 'thinking' about it.

To be successful, 'money' had to be out of the frame, at least for now while the plans were laid out. "Easier said than done" you may say, perhaps, but the stakes were high and so was the prize - and at that stage anyway we hadn't spent a dime so nothing was at stake other than a little hurt personal pride if things didn't work out, and so I figured it was more than worth a good try.

Does one still 'kick for touch' and go for what looks remarkably similar to all previous vacations or for the outrageously luxurious which normally wouldn't even be considered. The research had revealed a number of strategies that indicated that the second option was not only possible but could be repeated at any time.

There are just two alternatives that I wanted to introduce here which have successfully worked for thousands of travelers including myself for years. There are many more, but for now just two. One is about accommodation and the other is about cruising, or more correctly, luxury cruising. Let's first look at the major vacation expense of accommodation.

Locating safe and comfortable accommodation for the family always comes at a price - until now. There are alternatives to high cost hotel accommodation and when you know the strategies to find them you will never revert to the old way of organising accommodation again!

I saved $9,000 on accommodation in Bavaria during a four week summer vacation by following some very simple suggestions from some friends who travel frequently all over the world and never use hotel accommodation.

The second idea I want to share with you is about cruising.

Thousands of travelers now are attracted to cruising as an alternative to a land based vacation and the associated high hotel accommodation costs.

Just consider how practical that is. A magnificent new ship, a single check-in, no transfers, comfortable suite, all meals and even leisure activities and shopping on board. Then there's the exotic ports of call along the way and you have a complete luxury vacation neatly packaged ready to go.

So how do the costs stack up against a shore based vacation in a five star hotel?

That's a difficult question to answer because the variables are too numerous to make an objective comparison here but both would be comparable on a daily basis and would be substantial.

But since money was not going to be a part of the process it doesn't matter a hoot how much a five star hotel or the world's most luxurious cruise liner would charge. You see I'm talking about free accommodation and free luxury cruising - did you get that? Yes - I did say free!

What would a four week-long family vacation in Vienna in Austria or maybe at a tropical beach on Moorea in Tahiti in five star accommodation next summer cost you? Make some enquiries and get some prices and then see as I did what you will save if you know how to say 'no thanks' to the hotel bill! But it doesn't need to be in Austria or Tahiti though. Think of a location anywhere around the world, put the plan into action, decide when you want to leave and then get packing.

Now, maybe you want to try out your sea legs and take a luxury cruise through the Aegean or around the South Pacific and again you can choose where you want to go and when. Remember I said that you can cruise free, and you can if you are willing to spend an hour or so out of each day at sea chatting informally to a few passengers about a skill, hobby or interest you have. The cruise lines are constantly scouting for suitable people to entertain their guests while at sea. There's a huge bonus that comes with this also. Most folks like to have their spouse, partner or a friend with them on a cruise and the good news is they will get the same benefits from this as you will - what I'm saying now is that they could also cruise free - can you believe that?

When you learn how to apply these little known strategies don't waste a minute - start packing, have a fabulous holiday, and be prepared to save serious money!

Copyright 2008

Konrad Carlson

Why Tenerife Packages Are Ideal For an Exotic Holiday

Whether you're looking to get away from the cold of winter or thinking of a fun filled family holiday, Tenerife packages are ideal for an exotic holiday abroad. The sunny island of Tenerife is the largest in the Canary Islands, 600 miles south of Spain, and enjoys year round sunshine. Winter temperatures rarely drop below 20 degree Celsius, making Tenerife the perfect holiday spot in winter.

All-inclusive Packages

When you book Tenerife packages that include the cost of your airfare, accommodation and meals, you've made the ideal choice for a wonderful, sun-drenched holiday. An all-inclusive package is the best option as you'll be getting all the necessary services, including flight and meals, for one price. It is usually much cheaper than buying the airline ticket and booking your accommodation separately. You can thus enjoy all the exotic wonders of Tenerife for an affordable price without having to fork out extra for transportation from the airport or dinners in the hotel.

Exotic Tenerife

At Tenerife, you can bask in the sunshine on the beach all day long or stroll along the promenade to sample the lovely Mediterranean cuisine in exclusive restaurants. You can be thrilled at the live entertainment in hotels or pamper yourself in exotic spa treatments in the many luxury establishments that pepper this island. You can bathe in the emerald sea and enjoy a multitude of water sports from diving to snorkeling. The warm and hospitable Tenerife local populace will make your stay welcoming and pleasant.

Buying Your Package

Search for reputable travel websites when you want to buy your all-inclusive Tenerife packages. Ask for quotes for your preferred location in Tenerife. Make sure the price quoted includes the cost of the airfare, hotel and meals. Confirm that transportation from the airport in Tenerife to the hotel is included in the price as well.

Take the time to look for the right Tenerife packages online. Be sure you're getting a good deal for your exotic holiday!

Cherish Your Indian Holiday With India Holiday Tour Packages

India is one of most popular holiday destinations all over the world. Being a diverse and vast country, traveling India and enjoying its diversified features in one day or even few days would be impossible. The country is bestowed with immense natural beauty, rich flora and fauna, mesmerizing backwaters, innumerable monuments, forts and shrines that form the fabric of the cultural heritage of India.

Many travel and tour operators in India are offering India Holiday Tour Packages for tourists who wish to enjoy the blissful experiences and create memories of a lifetime on their holiday to India. These packages feature a wide range of options for tourists who want to get the greater experience of traveling in India. These tour packages are available online as well.

One of the most popular India Holiday Tour Packages is the Golden Triangle Tour. The Package embraces a tour of the historically and culturally rich cities of Delhi, Jaipur and Agra. The tour begins with the visit to the magnificent monuments and significant places in Delhi and ends in the pink city of Jaipur after encompassing the beautiful artistic creations during the Mughal reign in Agra.

The Kerala Tour Packages include the tranquil backwaters with its rich aquatic life along with the shady palm tress on the coast. The boathouses, popular among the tourists, provide luxury accommodation and comfort travel to the backwaters of Kerala.

India offers many adventure sports to its tourists in the form of skiing, trekking, mountaineering, paragliding and other adventures to add to its India Holiday Tour Packages. The misty, snow-clad mountains, the mystic rivers and valleys make India an ideal holiday destination for tourists. Darjeeling, Himachal Pradesh, Kashmir, Goa, Ladakh, Kumaon, Arunachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Garhwal are some of the picturesque sites for adventure lovers.

India offers wildlife packages in its rich wildlife heritage safeguarded in the numerous wildlife sanctuaries and national parks around the country. Some of the prominent ones are the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, Kanha National Park, Jim Corbett National Park and Sundarban National Park. The wildlife packages enhance the holiday experience through the wildlife safaris into the natural habitants of the wild animals.

For tourists who are looking to spend their honeymoon in romantic locations, India offers many attractions. Some of the popular honeymoon destinations for newlywed couples are Goa, Kerala, Kashmir and the exotic hill stations of India.

India is home to many religions of the world along with a hub for pilgrimages. People looking forward to gaining spirituality on their tour to India could make use of the Pilgrimage packages that are designed to take them to the various religious places such as Vashino Devi, Dham Yatra, Yamunotri Yatra, Badrinath Yatra and Teen Dham Yatra.

The Hill station tour forms an integral part of the India Holiday Tour Packages. These packages include an exotic holiday in the laps of mountain ranges in Shimla, Manali, Kullu, Nainital, Darjeeling, Srinagar, Ranikhet, Mussoorie, Ooty, Mount Abu, Munnar and Lonavala.

To give a complete experience of the Indian holidays with comfort and luxury, Hotel Packages take care of the facilities needed by the tourists to make them cherish their memories with huge praises of accommodation in the country.

Sicily - The Exotic Holiday Location

Sicily is one of the most exotic holiday locations in Italy. It remains popular throughout the year and is famous for its pleasant weather and mouth watering food and its' rich cultural heritage. People in Sicily enjoy a relaxed and slow lifestyle meaning that travelers to Sicily get the opportunity to benefit from a more relaxed break. There are wide ranges of Hotels in Sicily from 2 to 5 stars to accommodate visitors of all tastes. There are also good selections of Sicily Villas on offer across the region.

  1. Catania -Is one of the largest cities in Sicily and is situated on the East coast of this Mediterranean island. Due to its' location and the proximity to Etna Volcano, Catania has become very popular. Visiting the Market (including the famous fish market) in Catania is a fantastic way to taste the culture of Sicily. Access to the city is easy with the newly opened International Airport.
  2. Palermo is another city in Sicily worth visiting and is situated near to the coast. Palermo is famous for its Mafia connections and has a fantastic selection of restaurants to try.
  3. You can also enjoy a Sicily holiday in Taormina which is located on the east coast of the island. Taormina is an hour drive from Catania and is known as the Jewel of Sicily. From the cliff tops of Taormina, breathtaking views of the top of Etna Volcano. Taormina hosts an annual film festival and has a range of theatres for a cultured break. Taormina offers a wide range of Hotels and Villas for every kind of holiday.
  4. Siracusa is another well known city in Sicily. Further away from the trappings of the tourist trade, this city is a breath of fresh air and can be reached via an easy drive from Catania.
  5. The Aeolian Island offers scenic beauty and the opportunity to stay on a volcanic island.

Exotic Holiday Planning

Why do people enjoy going on Holidays? This is a good question and it needs a special way to answer this question. Having a holiday can come to you as a perfect excuse in order to get rid of daily life hectic schedules. On a daily basis your lifestyle is going around your home and to the office back to the office after break and to home your home once again. There might be a time when you really need a break from these hectic schedules. So what next? Prepare your baggage and turn around for a holiday trip to an exotic destination.

Taking a holiday is the right time to spend some pleasant moments with your family and you need to select the right place for your trip. Everything needs to arrange in a proper way. This is the time when you can spend some quality moments with your family and other dearest members. In this way you can revitalize your senses by enjoying things out there on this holiday trip.Specific planning is all that is required before moving for any holiday destination. You must be very careful when planning for your holiday as there are many things that you need to take into count.These important things are really necessary in terms of equipping you with all the facilities, as you will be out of your home.

The very first thing is to select the location for your next holiday. You can go for a travel agency or you can find one with the internet for more details about the destination.The traveling charges, weather condition and accommodation facility are the key things to know before you go on any exotic destination. In this regard the internet is the best option that you can seek for to grab all sorts of necessary information about the place. The next step is to get confirmation with hotel facilities. You need to consider the affordability as the key factor when going to book a room through a hotel service. You must be sure about the local currency of your selected place as you may face problems like the currency conversion over there.

One way to keep up with what's going on around the world is by owning a television. A lot of people own one these days. If money is a problem you can find cheap ones online and name brand televisions.

Some Ideas on Exotic Holidays

Holiday is a perfect excuse to get rid of your boring daily routine of home-office and then back to home. It is the time to spend some quality time with your family, enjoying things that would revitalise your senses. But going for exotic holidays with your family to different destinations in the world requires some careful planning.

The first thing to do is to find the right location for your exotic holiday. You can either contact some professional travel planners or use Internet to find different exotic holiday destinations. Once you choose a destination of your interest, the next step is to find the hotels available for your accommodation at that holiday destination. The quality of service at the hotel as well as its affordability has to be considered. It is always wise to have an idea about the local currency of your holiday destination and also the exchange rate.

Budgetary constraints will have a bearing on your exotic holidays. Therefore every family has to make a decision on the amount of money that they would like to spend on the holiday. There are a lot of financial institutions that give holiday loans to those who wish to go for holiday at exotic locations. These loans will help you to meet your expenses on travel, lodging, food and other bills. There are two types of holiday loans, viz. secured loan and unsecured loan. In secured loans, the borrower needs to place collateral whereas in unsecured loans there is no need of collateral. But the interest rate in secured loans is less and in unsecured loans it is on the higher side.

Once you have planned efficiently, you can set off for your exotic holidays with your family, unperturbed by any worries or qualms.