Durban - For Exotic and Majestic Beaches of Africa

Durban is known as the third largest city in South Africa and also the busiest port of Africa. It has emerged as a famous tourist spot. The population is only about 3.5 million. The beaches are the most attracting feature of Durban due to which a large number of tourists wish to visit this city.

Places To Visit In Durban

The best places to visit in Durban are:

1. Victoria Market

The market is constructed in an Indian style comprising of 180 stalls. Here one can get all the variety of items like the accessories, bags, pots, paintings, wooden articles etc. The stalls are all of different colors making the visitors get attracted to buy something or the other.

2. Durban City Hall

The Durban City Hall was establishes in 1910 that is it has completed around 100 years of its existence. The museum has the specific kind of animals, birds, reptiles and fishes. It is a very old building surviving till now.

3. Botanic Gardens

The Botanical garden is famous for the collection of Cycad which is rarely available in any other part of the world. The Orchid House is a spectacular place built by Ernest Thorp and it is more visited by the tourist during the spring season.

4. Ice Rink

Ice rinks usually found in ponds and lakes. It can also be made by taking vessel containing water and letting to freeze. The best time to see ice rinks is during winters.

Best Time To Visit Durban

The ideal time to plan your visit is from October to April or In June or July. It is because the humidity is less and accommodations are easily available.

How To Reach Durban

Durban has a well developed transport system through trains, buses, taxis, road etc. The Durban International Airport and The Port of Durban are the main airports and sea ports in Durban.

The Finest Hotels

1. Tropicana Hotel

The hotel is a comfortable on one with swimming pool, TV sets, Hair drier, newspaper. The rooms are of different types like the deluxe room and supreme rooms.

2. The Riverside Hotel And Spa

The new Riverside hotel is a three star hotel and situated midway between the cities. They have 54 rooms which are well furnished and decorated. The room service is also good and the staff is also friendly.

So, plan your next trip to Durban so that you can enjoy a fun - filled destination.