How to Travel on a Budget

When the summer rolls around, it might be tempting to start thinking about jetting away to some exotic destination for an incredible holiday adventure. Whether you prefer lying on the beach all day at a beautiful resort or heading on a heart-pounding adventure holiday, there's nothing quite like getting away for a while and having the chance to relax and forget the stresses and strains of life at home.

Unfortunately, heading off for that amazing holiday isn't always the most viable plan. Some vacation packages are incredibly expensive and, even while the recession is slowly slipping away from us, there's still a need to conserve what we have and avoid any unnecessary expenditures.

However, heading off on holiday needn't be an idea you dismiss completely. With the various options that arise when you start planning a budget holiday, you'll soon discover there are plenty of ways to enjoy sun and adventure without breaking the bank.

So, what can you do that'll help you save cash on that big trip away? Firstly, it's a good idea to stay flexible. Keep an open mind and the opportunities will open themselves to you - if you have your heart set on one destination at one time, the chances are a cheap way to get there will never arise. But if you decide you have an open period of time you can travel and you don't mind too much where to, you'll find that the options just keep coming.

Flights to and from some locations are cheaper than those going to and from others. Do they still offer the same things you were originally after? If so, you might want to consider booking a holiday to that destination instead. After all, if all you're dreaming of is relaxing by the sun, does it matter which beach you're relaxing on, as long as it's warm, clean and safe?

Accommodation is another area where you can save cash. Instead of booking an expensive hotel, look into staying in a hostel, booking an apartment (which can be cheaper than hotels in many countries), or even staying with friends. Some people opt to do house swapping holidays, where you literally swap houses for a few weeks, free of charge, and enjoy one another's accommodation for a cheap and more homely holiday in another country.

You can even save on the essentials, like single trip travel insurance by shopping around and going for the cheapest plan that covers your needs.

Following all of the above, you could find that your budget frees up considerably for doing the most important thing you want to be doing while on holiday: having fun.