Make Your Holiday Memorable by Splurging on Luxury Liners

Cruise liners are gigantic ships which can also be called pleasure voyagers. The main purpose of the cruise travel is not covering distance or mode of transport. Although it's an important transport vessel but transportation the secondary objective. The cruise ships are designed in a unique way. These vessels are like multistage luxury hotels with exquisite dining spread and best of accommodation facilities. These also have shopping arcade and entertainment centers like video game parlors and multiplexes. In other words you can say that it's one gigantic luxury hotel hovering on water.

Cruise travel is mostly on routes and these return passengers to the starting point. During the course of the travel the cruise docks at various islands where the tourists can go and explore these exotic islands. These decks are strong enough to withstand rough seas and storm. These are very sturdy as there are millions of people on board including passengers, crew and other staffs and their lives and safety are at stake and hence these ships have to be strong.

Cruise travel has become an important part of the tourism industry and countries with exquisite coastline have ventured into it big time, some common example are: the Caribbean cruise, or the Singapore cruise to explore exotic islands of Thailand Langkawi, Malaysia and other south east Asian destinations.

One of the largest cruise liners is Royal Caribbean International's oasis of the sea. The name says it all, it's truly is an oasis in the middle of the vast Caribbean ocean. Its business is growing as new ships are added to the fleet every year. According to senses it has been found that around U.S. $27 billion revenue is collected by the tourism industry only through cruise travel.

One of the first cruise liners were built in 1900 by Albert Ballin and was called Prinzessin Victoria Luise, this was followed by the very unfortunate Titanic. But during the 1960's luxury liners saw a decline in trade as people started preferring air travel to ship voyages. But as these cruise liners were made even more luxurious with the best of dining facilities, impeccable service and entertainment and these became the ultimate holiday vessel especially for honeymooners.

The amenities and luxuries over the last few decades have been on a rise, and there is nothing that is not available on the sea. These are also called floating hotels with all the possible service and luxuries know to man are provide on board, along with the exquisite view of the ocean.